The importance of outdoor play

The Burger® was conceived by Sofie Verlinde in the spring of 2020. The aim was to create a unique, durable, high-quality sand pit that is very easy to use and has a stunning design.

As a mother of 2 small kids, Sofie wants to emphasise how important it is for children to play outside and stimulate their creative development. The idea grew spontaneously when she was looking for a sand pit for her own kids.

Mother and kids
Child Burger

The hinge as a basis

The hamburger shape came about as a pure, yet playful design. The Burger® is an eye-catcher for kids and their (grand)parents.

The torque hinge truly adds value to the product. It holds the bottom and lid together nicely and It is also very functional. Even small children can easily open and close the Burger® safely.

Different purposes

The Burger® suits every modern family and can be used for different purposes. From a herb garden on a roof terrace to a compact swimming pool in a city courtyard or a sand pit in a country garden.

The Burger® is very easy to take apart, which makes transforming, storing or transporting it a breeze.

Two children Burger


The Burger® is made in Belgium from 100% polycarbonate. This durable material is super strong and will last for years. It is stain resistant, UV resistant and highly impact resistant. The rubber seal makes the Burger® safe for little fingers.


The innovative torque hinge was specially developed for the Burger®. It allows the lid to stay open in any position and offers some resistance when you close the Burger®. This minimises the risk of kids getting stuck or locked in.


Get the most from your Burger®. When your children have outgrown the sand pit, you can transform the Burger® into a herb garden or mini greenhouse. You can replace the lid with a translucent lid or you can purchase a model with a translucent lid from the start.