Please read before use.

  • Make sure small children always play under adult supervision.
  • Kids under 3 cannot open and close the Burger® independently.
  • The Burger® can be used as a sand pit or paddling pool for kids up to 8 years old.
  • Never allow children to play in a closed Burger®.
  • Do not leave the semi-transparent model of the Burger® open on grass, as this may result in focal points.
  • Preferably place the Burger® on a flat, hard surface.
  • In rainy or windy weather, close the Burger® and make sure the rubbers provide a good seal. In case of gusts of wind, it is advisable to lock the lid even firmer with a strap or counterweight.
  • We cannot guarantee complete watertightness in intense weather conditions or when the advice is not followed.
  • Regularly check all parts of the product for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Assembly and disassembly must be done by an adult.
  • Do not let the Burger® fall open when opening it.
  • Product suitable for domestic use.
  • Max. load of 50kg.

Made in Belgium.

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8510 Marke